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Are you ready to add an incredible amount of support & experience to your birth team?! 

I'm in!

As one of the Pacific Northwest's most experienced doulas, I am passionate about helping you achieve your dreams of a peaceful, relaxed, informed, and empowered birth experience (whatever that means to YOU). 

I have been the primary doula at over 525 births and have assisted clients through unmedicated birth, medicated birth, cesarean birth, VBAC birth, VBAMC birth, high anxiety & complex medical birth, home birth, hospital birth, birth center birth, water birth, multiples, stillbirth/infant loss, adoption, surrogacy, moms over 40, high profile clients and have been the primary support person for military clients who have a deployed partner. 

I'd love to hear from you so we can schedule a time to chat about your upcoming birth! 

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STARBUCKS... it's a real issue! My favorite drink is a black & white mocha. I did just get a Nespresso and I'm learning to try and replicate it at home...we shall see...

I'm a vocalist and I LOVE all kinds of music! I sing at church, weddings, memorial services, women's events, etc. I was an "original" Adele fan and I've seen her live in concert three times.

DISNEY...need I say more?! I LOVE Disneyland!

We have 3 kitties (Dandelion, Josephine and Poppy) and they are my fur babies.

I myself have personally had a medicated birth, an unmedicated birth, an induction, a cesarean, a preemie with a 6 week NICU stay, an manual version for a breech baby along with a host of pregnancy complications.

September 2008
Birth Doula training with Carrie Kenner of Big Belly Services

Summer 2009
"Supporting VBAC clients" taught by Sharon Muza

March 2010
"Breastfeeding for Doulas" taught by Sarah Huntington 

April 2010
"The Domestic Doula" homebirth training taught by Jane Drichta & Jodilyn Owen 

September 2010
"Breastfeeding Success" at St. Francis Hospital 

May 2011
Seminar taught by Penny Simkin & Ina May Gaskin

June 2011
Rebozo training taught by Carrie Kenner

June 2011
TENS unit training taught by Carrie Kenner

October 2012
passed neonatal resuscitation exam

March 2013
South Sound ICAN Chapter Leader

April 2013
Babys'R'Us Class Instructor

May 2013
Powerful Prenatals taught by Carrie Kenner

July 2013
Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation training (now known as IPPA)

August/September 2014
Assisted Penny Simkin with her childbirth classes 

March 2015
REACHE conference "avoiding the primary cesarean"

March 2015
"supporting families in grief & infant loss" taught by Carrie Kenner

October 2015
Northwest Doula Conference

March 2016
REACHE conference "what does the research say?
helping parents understand evidence-based care"

June 2016
accepted onto the REACHE board as secretary

July 2016
attended 4 day DONA conference 

August 2016
hired as the lead doula at the Midwifery Birth Center at St. Joseph 

March 2017
REACHE conference "provocative topics for today's birth professional"

October 2017
Northwest Doula Conference 

March 2018
attended 2 day Spinning Babies workshop

January 2019
CPR (adult & infant) & First Aid 

October 2019
Northwest Doula Conference 

January 2020
Birth photography workshop 

June 2020
Recertified with DONA International

June 2020
Basic Life Support Course

August 2020
created The Birth Collective!
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"sarah was informative and calm and went out of her way to answer questions and make me feel as prepared and confident as possible."

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